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Limit Switch


IS-LS series limit switch boxes were designed through advance and state-of-the-art engineering technology which have the product to be solid, beautiful and with high-level quality. The all range of the products fully meets IP specifications and the bracket is designed in light of ISO5211 and NAMUR standard.

There are mini type, big type and explosion proof type which include mechanical switches, proximity sensor and magnetic sensor in the range of ALS series products which cover all kind limit switch boxes.


Compact and Beautiful Design, Polyester powder coated aluminum die-casting housing and hard anodized body of solenoid valve.
Higher level weather proof (IP67) and/or explosion proof (ExdIIBT6 or ExdIICT6) both for solenoid valve a nd limit switch box in same time.
Dual cable entries, 2xG1/2 (Standard) and M20x1.5, NPT1/2(Optional)
Multipoint terminal strip, standard 8 points and enough strips for connection (14 points for optional).
Multiview visual Position Indicato r, Secure waterproof, multi-angles visual valve positions involving top and side view.
"Quick-Set" Cam, spring loaded splined cam. no need to adjust again after initial setting and easy setting without tool.
Captive cover bolts, No worry to loose bolts while cover opens
Easy mounting, NAMUR and ISO5211 adjustable bracket same as for 30*80-130 H20-30. standard is steel pl ate and stainless steel (optional)