Knife Edge Gate Valve


Knife Edge Gate Valve is one of the specific designs among other Industrial Valves. This design ensures minimum contact between the parts of the valve, Reduces the Wear & Tear. The high performance Knife Edge Gate Valve feature. Non Sliding Motion, Avoid Sliding Contact between Body & Gate allow flushing of media form the valve interior. Batten edge of the Gate (Knife-Edge) allows the tight shut off even when solid particles settles at the bottom of the Body.

A wide variety of hardened. trim options are available on Gate. Seat and Wear Ring. Knife Gate Valve are Generally, Unidirectional Valves, Excellent Hopper Isolation valve with their ability to cut through flowing media and closed by dislodging any material in the seating area. Knife-Edge Gate Valves. withstand high Temperature Abrasive Slurries in Mining, Steel, Power, Chemical, and Paper industries ideal for hign-density Slurry Lines.

  • Type Uni-directional / Bi.-directional Knife Edge Gate Valve
  • Moc Cast Iron / Cast Steel / SS 303 / 316 / 304L./ 316L.
  • Body: Cast Corrosion resistant steel or cast iron to provide receptivity against. corrosion For all wetted parts.
  • Gate: The Stainless steel knife gate plate is precision-buffed on both sides, to enhance Packing life ard ensure positive shut off even heavy or high-viscous fluid.
  • Stem: Stainless steel or as desire, having double start thread rising/ non-rising spindle, For fast closing and opening.
  • Seat: Renewable Metal-to-Metal, replaceable type, soft seat and other Suitable to application. In addition to standard Stainless steel seat ring, rubber ring and Teflon seat rings are Available as options. Gland Packing Multi layer gland packing in a variety of materials to suit condition.
  • Port Round Port, “V” Notch
  • End Connection Flanged End / full Lunged, Wafer Flangeless., Two Lug, Wafer Flangeless, Flange Type, Wafer
  • Sizes 50 mm TO 800 mm (higher size on application)
  • Rating 10 bar up to 600mm for valves. with body in C.S. S.S. and specially alloy, 10 bar Up to 300mm 5 bar on higher sizes up to 600mm with body in Cast iron / Ductile iron.
  • Drilling Option Include ANSI. DIN, BS, JIS and AS standard; others on request
  • Operation Available Knife edge Gate Valves Operation - Manual, Cylinder Operated. Electrical Actuator, Pneumatic Actuator with Manual override.
  • Actuator Hand Wheel, Chen wheel, Bevel Gear and wheel or chain wheel, Pneumatic Double Acting cylinder and electric actuator.

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