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Single Phase Linear / Rotary Flame Proof Electrical Actuators

Sdtork Flame Proof Electric Actuator confirming to Weather proof IP68 + IS/IEC 60079-1:2007 of Flame Proof & Explosion Proof construction confirms to Group IIC Atmosphere which covers all the gas including Hydrogen & Acetylene and equivalent. Supply voltage available in Single Phase 230 V AC. Actuator Inbuilt with 2 nos Limit switches & 2 nos auxiliary Limit switches & Torque switches 2 Nos, Contact Rating of switches 250 VAC & 5 amps rating, Auxiliary Limit switches: 5 amps rating. Actuator is inbuilt with continuous Position indicator & Manual wheel, ambient temperature: -20 to 70 degree with 90%

  • vailable Torque for Rotary Application: 40 Nm & 70 Nm
  • Available Output Speed: 120 sec/90°, 230 sec/90°, 90 sec/90° & 130 sec/90° Available Stroke: 90°
  • Available Thrust for Linear Application: 200 Kgs & 600 Kgs
  • Available Output Speed: 0.26 mm/sec, 0.52 mm/sec, 0.45 mm/sec & 0.8 mm/sec
  • Available Stroke: 40 mm, 60 mm, 75 mm & 90 mm
  • Available Torque for Angular Application: 40 Nm
  • Available Output Speed: 2.4 min, 1.2 min & 2.2 min
  • Available Stroke: 180 mm/40° & 360 mm/60°

Contact Sdtork 'Upgradation Facilitation Centre.' Any time!

Sdtork will depute their Field Representative, a Technocrat, to the site; this representative will make a complete survey, collect relevant data, size-up site conditions, disseminate the data, assess the needs taking an overall view, and submit a viable solution with attendant costs, i.e., an effective quotation will be submitted. On receiving the go ahead signal in writing, Sdtork will take up the work and execute the same in a time frame of a few weeks to a few months depending on the quantum of work.

The simple, foremost and logical need for going in for valve automation is improved efficiency resulting in economy. From a 'Centralized Control Centre', control of several valves can be effected and with continuous feed-back, timely corrective action can also be initiated automatically, which is virtually impossible to achieve with manual operation. Another vital point is that unfavourable conditions for human beings like heat, fire, fumes, hazardous chemicals, adverse weather conditions will have little effect on operation and control of process. Added to these is the consistency in product quality due to high degree of automation. Sdtork has a good repertoire of technically competent personnel to take up upgradation and retrofitting work.

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